High Quality Replica Watches Second Hand

There are many differences between high quality replica watches and low quality ones but one of the differences you can easily notice is the way the Second Hand works, depending on the mechanism’s quality.

Some replica watches manufacturers manage to replicate how mechanical watches’ second hand tick very rapidly. For example, genuine Rolex watches tick with a rate that is six times per second and you only notice the jumps if you look very closely, otherwise they can’t be easily perceived.

On the other hand, we have the cheap replica Rolex watches; these tick a lot differently than they should as they have a mechanism that has quartz movement, which means that it is battery operated. Because of this, the second hand of these low end replica watches can be easily seen and heard when it “jumps”. On the high quality replica watches this second hand will “jump” faster as they also come with mechanical movement. Of course, this “jump” that the second hand does is not as smooth as that in genuine Rolex watches, this one ticks with a rate of almost three or even four times per second, unlike the genuine watches that have a big rate of six times per second.

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