Training Watches


Finding a watch that is suited to your athletic training can be a complicated task – there are so many different names and types of watches offering slightly different and sometimes the same features for vastly different prices. How are you supposed to know what is a good buy and what would be wasting your time? How are you supposed to decide which training watch is the right one for you?

Just like triathlon runners look for specific features in a watch depending on the areas they need to work on and the progress they want to see, any athlete who is looking for a training watch should be considering it the same way. Do you need a heart rate monitor? Do you need a way to measure distance and speed – or do you need a device that will remind you to stop and take a breather or to grab a drink before you dehydrate?

These are all options that you have open to you with training watches – but some are more expensive than others and some offer features that you may not need hidden amongst the ones you do. If you can find a single watch that has all the features you need – and as few of the ones that you don’t as possible – then you will have found the perfect training watch for you!

Training Watches Review:

Garmin Forerunner 610 Touchscreen GPS Watch

While this is a little bit pricey for a training watch it definitely has a lot to bring to the table. First off this Garmin Forerunner is perfect for someone practicing any sport from running to swimming – this makes it a great option for those who run triathlons and similar races where multiple events take place.

With this watch you can store, analyze and share data with other users or use it to compete with yourself for a new personal best all the time. The watch is also able to have alerts set to notify you of changes in heart rate, calories burned or distance objectives in order to keep you motivated and healthy at all times.

This particular watch is great for all athletes and it offers the best “package” of features that can be offered with a training watch of this sort.

Garmin Swim Watch with Garmin Connect

This is very similar to the last Garmin training watch – but this one is more designated for swimmers which is a unique feature that almost no other watch offers. It keeps track of all the things you would expect, such as pace, distance, speed, and calories burned. By focusing on all of these things the watch allows you to focus more on perfecting your technique.

This watch is waterproof up to 660 feet (200 meters) which allows you to practice any type of swim without worrying about whether or not your watch can continue to stand the water and pressure. You can use this watch to upload data to your PC which will lay out for your (in graph style) what your progress looks like – and as you progress and reach goals, having the Garmin Swim watch around to remind you how well you’re doing, staying motivated will be easier than ever.

Avid Fit Runner Bluetooth GPS Running Watch

This is a neat option because it is less expensive than the Garmin watches, but it offers pretty much all the same features. This particular model actually comes with an app (available for both iOS and Android phones) that you can sync your data to in order to see your reports and progress right from your phone – that’s a feature that most watches like these should be leaning towards.

It displays information such as time and date as you would expect, but it also has functions to show speed, distance, pace, heart rate and calories burned – all of which when synced to the phone app are recorded to show how you’re doing after each day. The battery life is roughly 10 hours and the watch can stand up to normal every day uses, which means it can help you see how your body is burning calories even during your “resting” periods.

Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

This is the most basic of all of the training watches on our list – but for being such a simple watch this Suunto really has a lot of great features. For example this watch is able to keep up to 4 weeks of information on your workouts in order to help you see your own progress and keep improving and stay motivated. It also has the ability to estimate how many calories you are burning during your workout – which is a great option to have for those trying to lose weight.

The fact that this one of the simplest heart rate monitor watches around, you should be impressed with the how much it can really do. It can help you to burn more calories, stick to your plans and help you to keep your heart rate monitored and under control – all for a fairly low and reasonable price – perfect for any beginner or anyone who wants it only to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

To Sum Up…

In the end, these four watches are some of the best that are available right now when you look into training watches. You won’t find much better than the Garmin series of watches – they have been creating watches for these purposes for ages and they have mastered what they do. However, you will also find that other brands make this sort of watch more affordable by anyone and everyone, rather than making it an exclusive and expensive exercise tool.


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