Vintage Men’s Watches


There’s something about vintage men’s watches that make them so much more appealing than modern day watches. Maybe it’s the simple fact that they are old – and that means they are rich with history. You might be surprised to hear the stories of what a watch went through with its wearer; especially since watches have been around for ages and many vintage watches still work perfectly.

If you’re looking to purchase a vintage watch then you know the hunt for just the right one might not be easy – but with the internet finding used items like these are so much easier than they were just a couple of decades ago. Rather than having to scour garage sales, thrift stores, and pawn shops for these sorts of items you can simply type it into Google and go – what could be simpler than that?

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. Some watches were made only a limited amount of times or in a very limited quantity. This could make it increasingly difficult to come across a true authentic vintage watch in the exact style you are looking for. For example it would likely be a lot easier to find a Rolex from the 40s than it would be to find a military issued WW2 pilot watch.

You will also find that there are many more styles of vintage watches than there are of most modern day watches. While we have many variations of similar styles, sometimes you just can’t find something as unique as something that is old, tried, and true. For example, how often do you see people walking around with pocket watches these days? Not many, that’s for sure.

However, once upon a time a pocket watch was the way to go – a wrist watch wasn’t hardly even a thought! Finding a pocket watch from the 1500s would definitely be a more difficult find than even that WW2 pilot watch we mentioned earlier! However if you do manage to find one of these watches, it would be in your best interest to scoop it up as quickly as possible!

Now let’s take a look at a few different styles of vintage men’s watches from multiple brand names both well-known and hardly heard of.

Vintage Watches:

The Gruen Curvex 48mm

Coming from the 1930s this is a stylish and old-timey watch that anyone would be sure to love. Even though it looks much different than the watches we most commonly see today, this was once a rather popular style. The case is made of gold and the wristband is made of leather – all around this is a great vintage time piece.

Hamilton “Phillips 66” 14kt

Fast forward about twenty years and you will find that Hamilton was already making a name for themselves. This particular watch boasts a timeless design with a classic white dial with gold hands and number indicators. This is a lot to love about this well-known company even back in the 50s.

Swiss Fontain

Heading back to the 30s for this watch the Swiss Fontain offers an elegant look and an easy-to-read interface. The numbers are actually on the bezel rather than the dial, with only minute indicating markers on the actual dial of the watch. This is one watch that shows off how little needs to change with something so perfect.

Omega Seamaster Automatic

This watch is from 1951 and made by major brand Omega. This particular model features a two-toned dial with matching hands and minute markers around the edge. It has a gold casing and bezel along with a brown leather strap – definitely a sharp looking vintage piece if you can get your hands on one!

Rolex Viceroy Rose

Well we couldn’t have a vintage watch compilation without including a single Rolex – so here we’ve got a 1944 vintage Rolex. The classic and simple design is both elegant and easy enough to notice at a glance. Darker brown shades and lighter tan shades go together to create one sharp looking watch.

1931 Waltham Asymmetrical

This is a unique vintage pocket watch, from the 1930s. It boasts a colorful dial in shades of gold and white with a white sub-dial at the center bottom. The numbers are large enough to be easily readable by just about anyone. This is truly a unique individual time piece with few like it available today.

Rolex ¼ Century Club PW

I know, back to the Rolex – but this time it’s a 1930s vintage Rolex pocket watch. There probably aren’t a lot of these floating around that someone didn’t keep in the family. The watch features the letters “C E N T U R Y C L U B ¼” around it in place of the usual numbers 1-12. The dial is made of porcelain and the case is 14kt gold.

In Closing…

These are some of the most well known vintage watches and vintage pocket watches. Each of these have a long story behind them – though the full story will likely never be known unless you manage to purchase your vintage watch directly from the original owner (or the closest available person), though in more cases than not this is not a possibility.

Whether or not you choose to purchase a new watch or a vintage watch you will find that some things have drastically changed while others stayed relatively the same. While the materials we use to make watches have improved both in quality and durability, the original design of a simple time telling piece has not changed much over the years.

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