3 Proven Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Rolex Watch

Is your Rolex watch depreciating in monetary value?

Rolex watch prices differ by model, geographic location, scarcity, and materials from which the watch is crafted. A basic stainless steel Rolex “GMT Master II” starts from $8,450, while a Rolex “Datejust Pearlmaster” crafted from yellow gold and diamonds starts from $68,500.

Here are 3 proven ways to help secure your Rolex watch investment:

1. Rolex Watch Servicing

At the core of your Rolex watch is an intricate set of parts called a “movement”. The movement of your Rolex watch is critical to its value because the movement ensures the time, date, day, and all other internal functions are accurate. Rolex recommends servicing your watch every three to four years to preserve the movement in your Rolex watch.

2. Be Careful With Your Rolex Watch

This one may seem obvious, yet many Rolex watch owners treat their watch is shatterproof. Rolex watches are extremely well designed, and will last several lifetimes if treated well.

  • Avoid sharp objects that may scratch your watch
  • Store the watch in a watch winder
  • Ensure the watch clasp is secure
  • Drop your Rolex watch
  • Play vigorous sports with your watch on
  • Wear your watch to a crowded concert

3. Wind your Rolex Watch

Rolex watch movements are powered through energy generated by physical motion.  When you wear your Rolex and remain active, the watch will continue to power itself. Once you become idle, your Rolex watch will use a “power reserve” of 48 hours then the it will stop completely after that time. When idle, the watch movement loses the lubricant necessary for the parts to work properly begins to dry. Thus, it is important to keep your watch movement active. It is possible for you to manually “wind” the power of the watch.

You will need to unscrew the crown to placement two, wind it about 30-40 times, and screw the crown back securely when you have finished. Also, you should keep your Rolex watch in a “watch winder” when your not wearing it; the watch winder will maintain the power in the movement by constantly rotating the watch.

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