5 Distinctive Men’s Sports Watches

Long gone are the days when watch manufacturers constructed watches only to tell time. Watches evolved to provide users with information such as the day of the week and the temperature. Realizing that a market existed for elaborate watches, manufacturers began to create the genre known as sports watches. The new breed of watches provided users with heart rate indicators, navigational tools, and even stress level monitors. Consumers who want to buy men’s sports watches should learn about the three features that distinguish the genre, as well as follow a few buying tips. Most important, they should review the five sports watches that stand out from the rest of the field.

Features of a Men’s Sports Watch

Men’s sports watches accomplish more than simply keeping time. They comprise the segment of the watch industry that performs multiple tasks in several settings. For example, distinctive sports watches help personal trainers achieve training goals during the day, while doubling as stylish conversation pieces during dinner parties at night. The following chart describes the three integral features of a sports watch.



Durability Solid metal or plastic case

Sturdy band

Withstand physical punishment

Water resistant to depths at least 328 feet/100 meters

Style Bold colors and/or patterns

Multiple push buttons

Detailed bezel

Large, easy-to-read indices

Multiple Functions Equipped with calendars, alarms, and timers

Power reserve indicators

Distinctive watches include specialized functions

The characteristics that distinguish the best sports watches from the rest of the pack typically involve the number and complexity of the functions. Sports watches must be durable to withstand intense physical activities. Style is in the eyes of the beholder; the style one person determines distinctive may be ordinary to the next person. Manufacturers continue to revolutionize sports watches by adding intricate functions, such as chronographs and heart monitors.

Things to Consider When Buying a Men’s Sports Watch

Many personal trainers insist the overriding factor for buying a sports watch lies in the number and quality of functions. If an athlete only needs to measure time, then a simple running watch performs the task admirably. Distance athletes require complex functions that include navigation systems. Hikers and climbers need elaborate functions, such as thermometers and wind speed gauges. Despite the functions required, buyers should follow a few tips to ensure watch quality.


Distinctive sports watches possess plastic straps, but make sure to buy a sports watch that has a flexible one. Stiff plastic straps can grind against the skin during intense workouts. Consider sports watches with ventilated holes in the plastic strap to enhance perspiration.

Waterproof Capability

Sports watches must be durable, but distinctive sports watches allow users to go deeper into water. The best sports watches can withstand several hours of heavy rain during a cycling race or during a day hike.

Large Display

Athletes need to quickly glance at the large displays and then continue with their training or participation in a competitive event. Distinctive sports watches include customized displays that allow users to choose which data they want to view at any given time.

Optional Accessories

Some sports manufacturers include accessories into the buying package, while other manufacturers want users to buy optional accessories. Distinctive sports watches include accessories such as foot pods and cadence sensors in the sales price.

Easy Setup

Distinctive sports watches should require little time to set up, although GPS watches require time to calibrate. Beware of sports watches that promise functions, which require a thick owner’s manual to set up and operate.

Different Models of Men’s Sport Watches

Defining what makes a sports watch distinct often lies in the eyes of the beholder. While one person might think that distinct requires a brilliantly colored design, another user marvels at the precision a sports watch measures body temperature fluctuations during a grueling race. However, the following five sports watches should stand out in the eyes of most users.

Seiko Sportura

Seiko constructs several versions of its Sportura line for men, with each watch in the line sharing common characteristics. Scratch resistant sapphire comprises the dial window, and the watch resists water damage beyond a water depth of 328 feet or 100 meters. The lightweight 11-inch band gently attaches to the wrist. Stylish black works with almost every style of sportswear.

Timex Ironman Road Trainer

With a 100-hour chronograph and 50-lap memory, the Timex Ironman Road Trainer appeals to the serious athlete who values accuracy and durability. Preset the target heart rate in six ranges and analyze recovery time, peak heart rate, and heart rate fluctuations. Digital transmissions prevent crossing signals with other fitness center monitors and workout equipment.

Invicta Pro Diver

As the consummate sports watch for water sport athletes, the Invicta Pro Diver prevents water damage as deep as 1,968 feet or 600 meters into the water. The automatic NH35A movement detector allows users to view arm and leg movements.

Bulova Accutron Kirkwood

Distinct defines the Bulova Accutron Kirkwood , as it offers split-second precision, a comfortable black rubber strap, and a locking deployment buckle. The features include a sleek quartz chronograph and luminous hands that allow users to tell time in the dark.

Timex SL Series

Timex constructs the SL Series sports watches with a strong mineral crystal that resists dents and scratches. The distinctive stainless steel case and black dial exude stylish elegance, while the watch resists damage for prolonged periods of water submersion.


Sports watches were initially more about function than style. Technological advances and creative designs have revolutionized contemporary sports watches. Sports watches differ from other types of watches in terms of enhance durability, creative styles, and multiple functions. Consumers need to buy sports watches that provide comfort and do not require a Doctorate degree to set up. Manufacturers must also construct distinctive sports watches to withstand submersion in deep water and measure altitude. While distinctive means different things to different consumers, the Timex Ironman Road Trainer, Timex SL Series, Bulova Accutron Kirkwood, Seiko Sportura, and Invicta Pro Diver all possess features and functions that stand out from other sports watches.

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