Finding a Men’s Citizen Watch for the Sports Enthusiast

Citizen has several watch styles designed specifically for the man who’s interested in outdoor activities and sports. With various ways to measure and calculate time, speed, distance, elevation, and depth, Citizen has a watch for every sports enthusiast.

Helpful Features on Citizen Watches

Athletes and men who love outdoor activities often require a watch that is more than just durable and waterproof. With the proper features, a watch can give men an advantage while training or even keep one from getting lost while on a trail. Citizen offers watches with various features that are well suited for athletes and those who live an active lifestyle. Whether a man is training for a race, swimming, climbing, hunting, or sky diving, watches with the following features help track and monitor various elements of the experience.

Chronograph Measures elapsed time in seconds, minutes, and hours; can help with flight duration or landmark tracking; can measure time from summit to ground for paragliders or hang gliders.
Tachymeter Measures average speed across a set distance and distance at a constant speed; helpful for track and field athletes as well as skydivers, paragliders, and hang gliders wanting to track speed during a jump.
Compass Provides directional navigation; is useful while hiking, rock climbing, and performing various types of air jumps in locating ground points.
Altimeter Measures elevation; informs skydivers when to open a chute; helps paragliders and hang gliders to gauge lift or sink.
Aviation Slide Rule Calculates fuel consumption, ground speed, and estimated time of arrival; performs general math calculations; is naturally helpful to pilots; some jump sports might have related uses.
Wind Velocity Measures wind speed; useful in any sport when wind may play a factor.

Air Support Watches

Some Citizen watches combine these features in specialized models made for “air support.” The table below lists some of these watches and a few of their signature features.

Pilot Chronograph; tachymeter; slide rule; multiple time zones; luminous hands; water resistant
Altichron Chronograph; tachymeter; altimeter; compass; water resistant; luminous hands
Promaster Sky Chronograph; tachymeter; slide rule; multiple time zones; stopwatch; water resistant; backlight
Promaster Navihawk Chronograph; slide rule; compass; multiple time zones; water resistant
Blue Angel Chronograph; slide rule; multiple time zones; countdown timer; Blue Angels insignia
Wingman Chronograph; slide rule; compass; tachymeter; wind velocity scale
Promaster Skyhawk Chronograph; slide rule; multiple time zones; count-down timer

Citizen Watches for Water Lovers

Men who love water sports can find various Citizen options. Parasailors, water skiers, scuba divers, surfers, and swimmers all need timepieces that are tough enough to take a pounding. A few common features include water resistance with most rated to depths of 200 meters as well as rubber or polyurethane wristbands and stainless steel construction for strength, durability, and rust resistance. Chronographs and stopwatches are useful for timing dives, swim speeds, and water-ski runs.

The following table lists a few types of Citizen watches for water enthusiasts. Note: Not every watch will have every feature listed.

Aqualand Depth meter; water temperature display; backlight; dive log memory; chronograph; luminous hands and hour markers
Promaster Diver Doesn’t need batteries; luminous hands and hour markers
Scuba Fin Luminous hands and hour markers; some have chronographs
Promaster Depth Meter Chronograph; depth meter; luminous hands and hour markers; maximum depth memory

Citizen Watches on Land

Watch chronographs and stop watches that measure elapsed time can be quite useful in various land sports like hiking, running, track and field, car racing, walking, snow skiing, and rock and mountain climbing. Watch compasses are useful for mountain climbers, campers, and hikers. General sports watches with rugged construction provide durability in all these activities as well as various team sports. Additionally, many of the “air” or “water” watches would be equally suitable for land sports.


Whether in the air, under water, or on land, men’s Citizen sports watches can be helpful to improving the performance of any athlete or outdoor enthusiast. The solid construction, the various activity-tracking features, and the strength to withstand natural elements make Citizen watches an ideal choice.

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