How to Care for a Rolex GMT Master II

How to Care for a Rolex GMT Master II

The Rolex GMT Master II is the first watch to develop a two-color ceramic bezel insert. The bezel insert utilizes Cerachrom technology; the insert is red on one half and blue on the other. The GMT is also available in a black and blue Cerachrom bezel, and the bracelet choices include stainless steel and yellow gold. Each GMT Master II is a work of art and precision artisanship; caring for such a valuable investment is easy with the right information. It is important to learn to care for this timepiece properly to avoid trips to the jeweler. Dirt, dust, and smudges do not always require a professional cleaning; knowledge and a gentle touch should do the trick.

General Care and Storage

Dust build-up, microscopic abrasions on the crystal or bracelet, and smudges that dull the shine can cause damage over time. Proper handling and storage of the Rolex GMT Master II prevents the most common problems from occurring in the first place.
Although the GMT is waterproof, wearing it in the shower exposes the watch to soap, shampoo, and other cleaning products that build up and dull the beauty of the watch. Remove the watch before showering or bathing, and place it in a Rolex box or Rolex bag to protect it. Placing it down in the bathroom is not a good idea; a fall from the sink or counter can damage the crystal, bracelet, or movement. The box, bag, or even a Rolex display protects the watch from accidental damage.
The Rolex GMT is self-winding; the movement of wearing the watch is how it self-winds. If you store the watch for a time, winding is necessary. However, do not wind the watch while wearing it, as this puts pressure on the crown. If you store the watch, use a Rolex pouch, box, or display to keep it clean and safe.

Cleaning a Rolex GMT Master II

A light cleaning removes small smudges or dust. The Rolex cloth is a soft, lint-free cloth that works great for this purpose. Do not rub too hard; dirt scratches the surface of the watch if too much pressure is used. The best time to use the cloth is after a thorough cleaning with soap and water, because the links of the Rolex GMT bracelet harbor dirt and grime that can scratch the metal.
Before cleaning the Rolex GMT, check to make sure the crown is tight and pushed in. Rinse the timepiece with water to remove any dust or loose dirt and grime. Fill a bowl with gentle cleaner and warm water, and then immerse the watch and clean it with your bare hands. Rinse under warm water until it is no longer soapy, and then dry with a lint-free cloth.

Polishing a Rolex GMT Master II

The best time to polish a Rolex GMT is after cleaning; this reduces the chance of scratches from dirt or dust. If you are not cleaning with soapy water before polishing, rinse the watch to remove loose grime and dry the timepiece thoroughly. Use Rolex polish cloths to buff and shine the GMT; these cloths are soft and designed to be gentle. Always move the cloth in the direction of the grain in the metal to avoid scratches or microscopic abrasions.

Tips for Caring for the Rolex GMT Master II

The Rolex GMT Master II is perfect for pilots and others who enjoy world travel. Traveling the world is time consuming, but caring for the GMT is not. These simple tips help to ensure this valuable watch remains in top shape.

  • Do not shake the watch if it is not working
  • Always keep the crown tight and pushed in to avoid loss of pressure and keep it water tight
  • Do not use harsh cleaning agents as they could damage the finish
  • Always store the timepiece by itself to avoid scratches
  • Do not polish the crystal to avoid microscopic abrasions

Professional maintenance is important to keeping the GMT in perfect working condition, but owner care is just as essential. Preventing damage is better than paying to fix it.

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