How to Care for Your Rolex Dial

Once you invest in a fine luxury item such as a Rolex, the next step is to prepare yourself for the important task of keeping it in the best condition possible. After all, putting in the time and effort it takes to maintain the piece as best as possible costs much less than replacing a mishandled or neglected timepiece in the future. As the very literal face of the product, the Rolex dial demands perhaps the most dedicated effort in order to maintain its mint-condition appearance. Maintaining a simple yet effective care routine that focuses not exclusively on the dial, but on the watch as a whole, offers you the best chance of keeping your Rolex dial in pristine condition.

Daily Care for Your Rolex Dial

Employing a daily cleaning regimen prevents foreign agents from penetrating the body and ultimately damaging the interior of the watch, including the dial. By remaining especially vigilant in keeping dirt, grease, and grime from accumulating in the many nooks and crannies provided by the watch’s bracelet, bezel, and construction seams, you can improve both the functionality and the appearance of your Rolex. In the event that an unwanted substance does make its way onto the watch’s dial, you can remove the lens and use a putty-like substance such as Rodico to carefully remove it. Treat more stubborn blemishes by scrubbing them with a dial brush, and, if necessary, a mild mixture of soap and water. Dry all excess liquid from the dial immediately after cleaning to prevent staining.

In addition to regularly cleaning your Rolex, keeping it out of harm’s way should be a top priority. While all Rolex parts are manufactured with durability and functionality in mind, there are reasonable limits. Though certain models such as the Submariner and the Yacht-Master offer features that make them seem like indestructible sporting watches, the truth is that activities that emphasize rapid hand and arm movement, such as tennis and golf, are a threat to the delicate workings of the machinery within your Rolex. The simple act of wearing an athletic sweatband overtop of your Rolex not only helps keep it in place during strenuous exercise, but shields it from excessive exposure to sunlight that might fade or otherwise warp the dial’s coloration.

Storage for Your Rolex Dial

While the dial itself is already in somewhat of a permanent state of storage under the lens, an additional layer of protection offers an extra barrier between your Rolex and the elements. Though at first blush this might seem an unnecessary redundancy, keeping your timepiece in a proper Rolex box offers an invaluable measure of insurance against unforeseen circumstances such as drops or spills that, while perhaps not thoroughly destroying your Rolex dial, could certainly do a bit of damage. If the thought of keeping your beautiful Rolex cooped up in a simple box proves too much, a Rolex display offers similar protection with the addition of doubling as an attractive conversation piece.

Long-term Maintenance for Your Rolex Dial

No matter how vigilant your care routine might be, over time you should perform additional work to get your Rolex as close to its first day condition as possible. Make sure to tighten bracelet screws, as they tend to loosen themselves with the bumping and jostling that comes with everyday wear, leaving your watch prone to quite literally falling apart without warning. Some Rolex aficionados even recommend treating troublesome screws with a dose of Loctite 221 or 221.

Professional Care for Vintage Rolex Dials

Owing to the delicate nature of the typical vintage Rolex dial, experts recommend that their upkeep be left to a trained professional. In addition to the basic task of cleaning, professional watchmakers frequently offer full refurbishment services for dials in need of more than a simple scrubbing. By removing the markers, redrilling setting holes, polishing and repainting the surface, and finally replacing the markers and lettering in the trademark Rolex style, your watchmaker restores your Rolex dial to a like-new status.

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