How to Remove Scratches from a Titanium Watch

Users like titanium watches because titanium is stronger than silver or stainless steel, yet it weighs less. Titanium also offers a different look because it is casts a darker color than the bright shine of silver and stainless steel. Because titanium is hypoallergenic, titanium watches appeal to users with sensitive skin. Titanium watches are a comfortable, durable, and stylish choice. Titanium does scratch, but this does not necessarily warrant a trip to the jeweler or watch repair shop. Wearers can remove scratches easily and effectively at home.

Refinishing Pen Method

When users want a fast and simple scratch removal method, they turn to a refinishingpen. Typically, the same refinishing pen works well with both titanium and stainless steel. The user simply brushes the pen across the scratch, allows it to set, and repeats if necessary. The deeper the scratch, the more brush stokes required to fully fill in the scratch. Though the refinishing pen is the quickest and easiest method, it is not the most cost effective. Users should consider their budgets before choosing the scratch removal method.

Jewelry Polish Method

Like the refinishing pen method, the jewelrypolish method fills in the scratch and buffs it out with very little effort. First, the user cleans and dries the affected area thoroughly. Then, the user buffs the jewelry polish over the scratch and gently rubs it in. Next, the user rewashes and dries the watch. As the final step, the user treats the watch with a small amount of white vinegar, which does not require rinsing, for a natural shine enhancer.

Eraser Method

Though it requires a little elbow grease, the eraser method works just as well as a refinishing pen for removing scratches from a titanium watch. This method requires patience and a light hand, along with a handful of common household supplies. The results and the cost savings are worth the effort, and some users enjoy the process of caring for their titanium watches.

Household Item


Toothbrush Gentle scrubbing, dirt removal
Mild Soap Gentle cleaning without harsh chemicals
Ammonia Cleanser Shine enhancer, makes scratch easier to see
White Vinegar Shine enhancer, makes scratch easier to see
Soft Cloth Gentle washing and drying
Eraser Buffing out scratches

Though users can assemble these supplies as needed, some prefer to keep a small repair kit ready for routine scratch removal. Titanium is a hearty metal than stands up to a rigorous lifestyle, but scratches occur regularly.

Clean the Watch

First, the user cleans the watch thoroughly and gently with a toothbrush and soap, such as liquid hand soap. It is important for the user to completely clean the scratched area because dirt and grime can make the scratch worse if left in place. Next, the user sprays a soft cloth or paper towel with an ammonia-based glass cleaner. The user could also use white vinegar here.

Finally, the user rinses the watch well and dries it thoroughly with a soft cloth or a hair dryer. If the watch is not waterproof, the user is careful not to submerge the watch or soak the entire piece during cleaning. Titanium is waterproof by itself, but some watches are water-resistant rather than waterproof. Users want to use extra care with watches not explicitly labeled as waterproof.

Erase the Scratches

Using a gritty pencil or pen eraser, the user gently rubs the scratch using a soft buffing motion in the direction of the finish. The user might find a magnifyingglass, eyeloupe, or deskmagnifyinglamp to be helpful tools, but they are not essential. Once the scratch is buffed out so that it cannot be seen with the naked eye, aesthetically it is not important to ensure removal of every trace of the scratch.

In addition, titanium does not have to be completely scratch free to function properly. After each pass with the eraser, the user brushes debris and dust from the area. The user must go slowly and easily, not applying too much pressure when rubbing the eraser over the scratch. Multiple passes using gentle pressure work better than fewer passes with a heavy hand.

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