How to Set Your Rolex Oyster

How to Set Your Rolex Oyster

All watch enthusiasts around the world value Rolex watches for their special design features and technology. Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand. The technology in a Rolex watch provides very smooth hand movements, precision timekeeping, and unique high fashion design. Many models of Rolex watches evolve with every new design. The Rolex Oyster model is one such design, and it is the first waterproof, dust-proof, and airtight watch. Rolex owners should have an understanding of the Rolex Perpetual Oyster and how it works. Learning the required steps to set a Rolex Oyster and becoming familiar with different features of the watch help buyers take proper care of their Rolex Oysters and handle them with care.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Most Rolex watches have an “Oyster” case design. Rolex invented this case in 1926 as the world’s first waterproof case. An oyster closes tightly so that no water enters inside. Similarly, Rolex Oyster watches are waterproof. The Oyster watch was one of the first watches with a date display on the face of the device.

The Oyster Perpetual is an older model of Rolex that features an automatic movement mechanism. This enables the watch to self-wind as long as you wear it. Each Oyster Perpetual has a solid block of metal. Designers carve out this block and form a vault-like encasement. The case and the self-winding capabilities are what give the watch its name—Rolex Oyster Perpetual. These watches utilize cutting edge technology and innovation. The oyster case makes the watch robust and stylish.

How to Set a Rolex Oyster

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is easy to set but users should take care to prevent any damage in its delicate mechanism.

Pull the Knob

Gently pull the knob on the right side of the watch until it clicks. Twist it counterclockwise as you pull. The knob pops out when it is in the right position. Pull it out slightly until you hear a second click.

Set the Date

Turn the knob clockwise to set date. Twist until the right date appears on the face of the watch. The watch rotates through all the days of the month and then through all months.

Set the Time

Gently pull the knob once again until it clicks one more time. If you pull it too hard and the knob comes completely out of the watch, take the watch to a qualified professional to repair. Be careful to prevent such a situation because repairs can be expensive. Next, twist the knob clockwise to set the time. Rotate until the hour and minute hands are at the right place.

Wind the Watch

Push the knob back in place and wait for a few seconds to see if the second hand starts ticking. If not, then wind the watch for proper operation. For this, pull out the knob slightly until it pops free and turn it clockwise for about 30 seconds. Next, pop the knob back in place. The second hand begins to move after three seconds. After this, the watch self winds itself as long as the user wears it. Wind the watch again if it is not in use for several days.

Features of a Rolex Oyster

The Oyster case is a significant contributor to the reputation of Rolex. It is an effective and elegant watch case that improves the watches’ form and functionality. Here are some of the features of these watches.

Rolex Oyster Features


Oyster case Guaranteed waterproof to 330 feet

Submariner diver’s watch waterproof to 1,000 feet

Deepsea waterproof to 12,800 feet

Made of 904L steel and 10 karat gold or platinum

Winding crown Contains ten parts

Placed in tube to make it waterproof

Cyclops lens Magnifies date 2.5x

Has anti-reflective coating

Invented in early 1950

The table above gives a quick glimpse at the features of a Rolex Oyster. The sections below provide more in depth descriptions.

Strength of the Oyster Case

The case makes all oyster watches guaranteed waterproof to a depth of at least 330 feet. The Submariner divers’ model is waterproof to 1,000 feet, and the Rolex Deepsea works to 12,800 feet. Rolex makes the central section of the case with a solid block of 904L steel and 10 carat gold or platinum.

Design of the Winding Crown

Rolex designs the winding crown with about 10 parts and screws it into a tube that makes the winding crown waterproof. The crown seals and provides the with case watertight security. Use this crown to set the date, time, and to wind the watch.

Cyclops Lens

The Cyclops lens magnifies the date two and a half times. Rolex invented the lens in early 1950, and now uses it in many Oyster models. This lens helps users read the date easily, and has an anti-reflective coating for further ease.

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