How to Use a Rolex GMT Master II

How to Use a Rolex GMT Master II

Rolex introduced the GMT Master in 1955 to appeal to international pilots. In 2005, it launched the upgraded GMT Master II, an advanced version of the original. Users who travel long distances many times in a year consider this watch invaluable, because it shows the time in three different time zones. The watch features a 24-hour, graduated bezel along with a 24-hour hand. It is an automatic watch, so it winds itself while the user wears it. It is part of the Rolex Professional Watch collection. Buyers should have all the required information about the Rolex GMT Master II. Knowledge of the steps required to set the watch helps users keep it running and accurate.

Rolex GMT Master II

The Rolex GMT Master II is very popular among soldiers, commercial airline pilots, and people who travel long distances. Rolex collaborated with Pan Am Airways to design the original. The airline issued the watch to its crews for long distance flights. Rolex released the GMT Master II in early 1980. It looks similar to its predecessor. It has four hands along with a bezel dial that rotates. The bidirectional bezel has 24-hour scale, and it indicates the third time zone. The normal hour hand, sets independently from other hands. Users adjust it to the local time and it does not affect the seconds, minute or the 24-hour GMT hand.

Rolex upgraded the GMT Master II in 2005 to unveil a fiftieth anniversary edition. The new model has many technical and cosmetic changes. It has a larger case and the design is more scratch and fade resistant. It has a twinlock seal on the crown that makes it waterproof up to a depth of 330 feet. Rolex makes luxury versions of the watch in mixed steel and gold, as well as complete gold, in addition to the stainless steel version.

How to Set a Rolex GMT Master II

Some users find it difficult to set the Rolex GMT Master II because of its many features. Once they understand the basics, it is very easy to set the watch without any hassles.

Wind the Watch

Users should wind the watch manually if it is not in use since a long time. For this, twist the crown counterclockwise until it pops out. This is position one of the crown. Use this position to wind the watch manually. Turn the crown clockwise to wind it if the watch stops after a long period of disuse.

Set the Hour Hand

Pull the crown gently by one notch. This is position two of the crown. The hour hand is the small hand with a circle at the end. Turn the crown at this position to set the hour hand to the home time zone. This position of the crown moves the hour hand by one hour, forward or backward, and does not affect the other hands.

Set Minute and 24-hour Hands

Move the bezel so that the arrow is above the crown and pull the crown out another notch to position three. This position adjusts both the minute hand and the date function. The second hour hand, which is the 24-hour hand, is a colored hand with an arrow at the end. This hand also moves with the crown in position three. Set this hand to the Greenwich Mean Time. Read the 24-hour hand against the bezel’s scale. The second’s hand does not move at this position.

Set the Bezel

The bezel is a ceramic piece that surrounds the face of the watch. Rotate the bezel to set a third time zone. The bezel has numbers around it that represent 24-hour of the day. Set it to the correct number of hours behind or ahead of the local time.

Restore the Crown

Push the crown to position one. Turn it clockwise and press the crown down to close. Ensure that the crown is tight enough to make the watch waterproof.

If the Watch Stops for a Few Hours

In case the Rolex GMT Master II stops for a few hours, pull the crown to position three and turn the minute, hour, and 24-hour hands until they reach the correct time. Restore the crown back to its initial position.

How to Skip the Date Forward

Set the crown to position two and skip forward the dates one hour at a time. Change the date at the end of every month that is shorter than 31 days because the watch has a program to show 31 days every month.

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