Leather Watch Buying Guide

Leather Watch Buying Guide

Keep track of time with the style and comfort of a leather watch. Whether a buyer is looking for the simple refinement of genuine leather or the value of synthetic leather, they should learn about the varieties of leather material to choose a watch with the look and quality desired. It is possible to complement every wardrobe, as there are watch styles designed for everyone, ranging from vintage and casual to modern and luxurious designs. It is also possible to the right leather watch with the correct fit on eBay at an affordable price.

Explore the Various Types of Leather

Genuine and synthetic leather materials are available to provide a different look, feel, and quality of watch bands. Genuine leather can range from the smooth finish of cowhide to the raised exotic textures of snakeskin to provide various styles and finishes to watch bands. When considering the leather materials for a watch, it is important to factor the durability, texture, and finish to suit personal taste and style.

Genuine Leather Materials

Genuine leather materials are derived from the hides of animals and are treated to retain the look, quality, and texture of the skin. Leather is a thick and durable material that can vary in thickness and color, as well as the design of the pattern.

Cowhide leather is among the most widely used material for watch bands. Cowhide leather is available in a wide variety of thicknesses and widths for cuff, casual, dress, fashion, and sport bands. The colors of cowhide leather often retain a black or brown finish or can be dyed to vary design. Natural cowhide leather has a smooth texture for a classic style that can easily be dressed up or down, depending on apparel.

Exotic leather watch bands can include textured leather patterns that are designed to replicate the look of alligator, crocodile, and snake skins to provide a distinct and luxurious look. In addition, materials such as ostrich and stingray leather offer a smooth, sleek, and finely textured feel. Exotic leather colors can range from a variety of bright or neutral tones to adapt to casual, fashion, or luxury watch designs.

Faux Leather

Faux leather provides the look and feel of genuine leather for a fraction of the price. Faux leather is made of plastic materials in varying thicknesses and patterns. While it is less expensive, it does not offer the durability of genuine leather. Faux leather colors are available in bright and neutral tones to mimic the look of genuine leather materials, or they can also be offered in fashionable patterned designs.

Choose a Leather Finish

Select from the leather finishes available. Grained leather finishes are flat with a textured matte finish that work with casual, elegant, and luxurious watch styles, making it very versatile. Patent leather finishes have a plastic coating to provide a high-gloss finish which is ideal for fashion and luxury watches. Stamped or carved designs offer a unique pattern and design to leather bands and simulate a handcrafted look.

Select a Style of Leather Watch

Make the most out of the vast selection of leather watches by exploring the many styles. It is possible to find a leather watch that matches any buyer’s attire and style. From sporting events to everyday and dressy occasions, find the right leather watch for every outing and for people of any age.

Children’s Leather Watches

Children’s leather watches are available with easy-to-read displays and often feature treasured cartoon and storybook characters on the face of the watch. Both genuine and synthetic leather materials are used, and they come in a wide variety of bright colors in individual and matching watch band sets. A watch band set means that the single watch face comes with a variety of bands generally in different colors that can be attached to the watch face.

Basic Leather Watches

Basic leather watches are made for comfort and style to complement everyday attire. They often feature simplistic designs on the watch face without many bells and whistles. The leather on the band is usually of lesser quality to keep the price affordable.

Leather Sport Watches

For the adventurer, leather sport watches are designed to keep up with outdoor lifestyles, and they include water-resistant features to withstand everyday activities, from showers to deep sea adventures. Additional features can include heart rate monitors, pedometers to track distance, as well as calendar and alarm options. Leather bands for sport watches are treated to preserve the quality and texture of the material.

Luxury Leather Watches

Luxury leather watches include fine touches, such as semi-precious stones and diamond accents, mother-of-pearl faces, and intricate features, including faces that display multiple time zones. The leather bands on these high-priced watches are finely crafted and very supple for a comfortable fit around the wrist.

Leather Fashion Watches

Leather fashion watches include faux and genuine leather materials paired with fashionable casing materials that include rhinestone, crystal, rubber, and plastic designs to add a little bling to any outfit. Fashion watches are not as expensive as luxury watches and are made from lower quality materials. Fashion jewelry is often called costume jewelry.

Explore the Components of a Leather Watch

Watches can make fashion statements as well as functional timepieces. Explore the many components of leather watches, including movement, casing, and bands, to cater to personal preferences as well as lifestyle needs.

Leather Watch Movement

The movement of a watch measures the passage of time and displays the current time as well as optional features. There are two primary types of movement mechanisms for watches, including quartz and mechanical designs.

A quartz watch is battery-powered and does not require manual winding. Batteries for quartz watches can last up to three years and can be replaced by a professional jeweler. Quartz movements are recognized for accuracy and stability of timekeeping with automatic rotations of 32,000 per minute, so less than 10 seconds of time is lost per month.

A mechanical watch does require manual winding to initially set time and may require occasional winding to maintain precise timekeeping. Mechanical movements rotate around 28,000 rotations per minute, so they have a tendency to get behind several minutes per month. Mechanical movements are sometimes displayed on the watch face to showcase the heavy detail and craftsmanship of the design. Mechanical watches can be slightly more expensive as compared to quartz watches; however, mechanical watches will last for generations.

Casing and Deployment Buckles for Leather Watches

The casing of a watch encloses and protects delicate movement pieces within the watch. Different casing materials can give a watch a distinct look and feel, some dainty and others heavy. Deployment buckles are fasteners that secure the band to the casing of a watch, and they come in a variety of materials, such as brass, silver, gold, stainless steel, and more. Deployment buckles can be replaced as needed or easily changed to accommodate a different leather band in other materials or colors.

Find the Right Size Band for Leather Watches

The band of a watch wraps around the wrist and has buckles and holes. Interchangeable leather bands offer versatility to easily customize the watch to a particular style or for lifestyle needs, when swapping a patent leather band for a waterproof sport band, for example. The band must be the right size to fit the casing and deployment buckles, and they must be long enough to comfortably wrap around the wearer’s wrist.

Bands are available in precut and pre-shaped sizes to fit men, women, and children. Holes are pre-drilled into the bands so wearers can adjust the fit for comfort. The chart below outlines the average leather watch band sizes in inches for men and women.





Men’s Leather Bands

6 inches

8 inches

8.5 inches

9 inches

Women’s Leather Bands

5 inches

6.5 inches

7.5 inches

8 inches

As indicated from the chart above, men’s and women’s leather bands are available to accommodate a variety of sizes for a comfortable fit. Knowing the band size is useful when replacing leather bands to ensure the appropriate length band is selected for watch.

Maintain the Quality of a Leather Watch

Maintain the quality of leather watches for years to come with replacement parts, tools, and proper cleaning and storage techniques. Replacement parts for watches can help keep the timepiece looking new. Being aware of the appropriate materials to apply to the leather bands can ensure a long-lasting finish, shine, and texture for years to come. Retain the overall condition of a leather watch with an appropriate storage box.

Leather Watch Replacement Parts

From pins, screws, buckles, bands, and more, buyers should find the appropriate replacement parts for watches to retain quality and overall watch design. With such delicate features on watches, certain tools must be used to access watch parts with care. Watch repair kits generally include mini screwdrivers, pins, screws, battery openers, and more to adjust intricate details of watches.

Proper Cleaning Techniques for a Leather Watch

To maintain the quality of the leather band, clean the material to rid the leather of dirt, lotion, and sweat it absorbs during everyday wear. Only a few simple ingredients are required to keep the finish and texture of leather looking new. There are two methods to clean leather bands. The first requires ingredients that may already be in the home, including a small bowl, white vinegar, a soft cloth or toothbrush, and a lint-free dry cloth.

To clean the leather band, remove the band from the casing to prevent damage to the watch. Fill a small bowl halfway to the top with lukewarm water, and pour a cap full of white vinegar into the bowl. Add the leather bands to the water solution, and let them soak until buildup can easily be removed; a few minutes should suffice. Remove the leather bands from the water, and gently scour them with a soft brush or toothbrush to remove buildup. Rinse the leather bands under warm water, and lay bands on lint-free dry cloth until completely dry.

The second method to clean leather watch bands involves a leather cleaner, like saddlesoap, and a dry cloth. Again, before cleaning the watch, be sure to remove the leather band from the casing to prevent damage to its components. With the band removed from the casing, apply a pea-size amount of leather cleaner to the dry cloth. Using small, tight circular motions, gently work the leather cleaner into the band until entirely covered. Let the leather cleaner set for a few minutes to absorb any buildup. Gently wipe the leather cleaner off with a damp towel. Apply a leather conditioner to the leather band to protect the leather from buildup and UV rays.

Properly Store a Leather Watch

Watch storage boxes can protect and preserve a watch when it is not being worn. Watch storage boxes are a type of jewelry box and can include padding, lining, and a soft shell casing to mold the shape of the watch. Having a storage box dedicated to a watch protects it from getting scratched by other jewelry and protects it from fading if left exposed to light on a jewelry stand.



When looking for a new leather watch, it is important to consider the type of leather the band is made of to achieve the look and quality desired for a new timepiece. The styles and finishes of leather watches can drastically differ from one another and provide distinctive styles for every occasion. Identify the right watch to synchronize with lifestyle needs, from casual, to waterproof, to fashion and luxury designs. Finding and purchasing the right watch is easy on eBay.

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