Rolex Submariner Buying Guide

Rolex Submariner Buying Guide

The full name of the Rolex Submariner is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. This type of watch is made specifically for divers because they are resistant to corrosion and water; however, their style is considered very classic, and it has become a very popular watch series for many people. These watches have been made since the 1950s and are still considered a popular watch brand.

The Submariner was born because of the need to tell time underwater. Divers can only have a certain amount of air with them, so the diver must know how long he has been underwater and how much time he will need in order to reach the surface again. Having a watch that is waterproof and can be lit is essential for a diver.

Features of the Watch

There are many features of Rolex Submariner watch for buyers to consider when making their final decision.


  • Waterproof up to 1,000 feet
  • A rotatable bezel
  • Corrosion resistance due to the ceramic used in making the watch
  • Scratchproof bezel
  • Luminescent zero marker
  • Luminescent chromalight display that can last eight hours
  • Strong grip

These features ensure that avid divers are able to enjoy their time underwater, exploring the beauty below. They will still be able to tell time and can even have their watch time them in their underwater excursions, while allowing a diver to set a time of up to one hour at the half-way mark, giving them a signal to start heading back up to the surface, having plenty of air for the entire trip.

The rotatable bezel lets the diver time his underwater adventures. Beneath the bezel is the clock itself. The hands and markers are illuminated, allowing the diver to see the time while underwater. There is also a date feature that sits close to the quarter hour mark. These watches are self-winding, but there is a manual winding feature to set up the specific time.

Available Rolex Submariner Models

Over the years, there have been a total of 28 models; however, there are only eight current models of the Submariner. Each of these has its own colors, different metals, and a ceramic bezel.


Metal Used

Dial Color

Bezel Color

Production Dates

Submariner Date Steel Black Black 2010 to Present
Submariner Date Steel and Yellow Gold Blue Blue 2009 to Present
Submariner Date Steel Green Green 2010 to Present
Submariner Date Yellow Gold Black Black 2009 to Present
Submariner Date Steel and Yellow Gold Black Black 2009 to Present
Submariner Date White Gold Blue Blue 2008 to Present
Submariner 40mm Steel Black Black 2012 to Present

Even though there are only eight current models, it is possible to find one of the discontinued models online, although the discontinued models may have different waterproof depths.

Reasons to Purchase This Watch

Rolex watches are a household name. It is well known that these watches are considered more expensive than many others; therefore, the brand itself says classy and prestigious, which is a selling point for most people.

Another reason to purchase the Rolex Submariner watch is its beautiful craftsmanship. These watches were meant to be statement pieces. They are large and heavier than many similar watches and show good craftsmanship as well as good looks.

Even though this watch is beautifully crafted and looks extremely classy and attractive, it is also meant to be used for something specific. This holds a lot of appeal for many, especially divers. Because of the brand name, divers will understand that this watch is made well and will work properly.

The Submariner is meant to be a watch that can be worn for sport or for an important event, and makes a statement that says the wearer of the watch has class, enjoys diving, and is willing to invest in the best. These watches have the brand that millions trust and crave.

Items Related to the Rolex Submariner

Along with the Submariner itself, there are many other items that can be purchased. One item includes the links in the watch. This is not a slide-over watch; there is a latch and clasp to close the watch over the wrist. If the watch is too small, there are links that can be purchased to match the rest of the links and fit a wrist of any size. For those who have lost their care guides, these can also be purchased online through eBay.

There are items available that can help enhance or even change up the style of the watch; for example, other bands can be purchased for the watch. This can be useful in some cases, when perhaps the exact type of watch you wish to purchase is not available. You can achieve the look you want by selecting a new watchband.

Other bezels in various colors can also be purchased, allowing you to change the look of your watch whenever the mood strikes. This is an inexpensive way of changing the look of your watch for different outings.

The special crowns for the Submariner watches can also be purchased, which is helpful if yours does not work. Purchasing and fixing the crown yourself can save expense and will allow you to keep using your watch. Additionally, you can buy Submariner polish cloths, which are the preferred method of cleaning your watch.

Other items might include submariner watch stands, which will hold your watch when you are not wearing it. This will help keep your watch safe while sleeping or showering. Link screws might be helpful as well. Another option includes special cases to hold your watch.


Whether you enjoy diving or you simply want to have a cool watch, the Rolex Submariner is a great choice. This watch is stylish and can be worn anywhere, whether to a party, on errands, at the office, or on a dive. The Submariner from Rolex is a timeless classic that will be the envy of your family and friends. You can rest assured that the watch you purchase will last for many years and will be a true treasure in your wardrobe.

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