Swiss Legend Watch Buying Guide

Shoppers looking for stylish and comfortable timepieces may be interested in Swiss Legend watches. Founded in 2005, the goal of the company is to provide watches that blend Swiss precision with fashion-forward design. Experienced Swiss Legend craftsmen offer watches created with quartz or mechanical movement that feature a multitude of functions, materials, and styles. Providing watches for sports enthusiasts, businessmen, travelers, and fashion-conscious females, there is something for every customer in a wide price range. Knowing the various features and styles of Swiss Legend watches helps buyers make informed decisions.

Quartz and Mechanical Movement

Watch movement powers the watch and makes it work. Driving all of the timekeeping functions, including regular time, dual-time, a chronograph, and sometimes a calendar, a watch could not function without it.

Type of Movement


Quartz watch Does not require manual winding

Batteries last up to three years

Features 32,000 rotations per minute

Renowned for very accurate timekeeping

Loses less than 10 seconds per month

Mechanical watch Demands manual winding

Sometimes displays mechanical movements on the face

Features 28,000 rotations per minute

Can lose up to several minutes per month

Lasts longer than a quartz watch

Sometimes more expensive

Swiss Legend provides both quartz and mechanical watches featuring bracelets or straps. Some styles offer watches just for men or women, while others offer versions for both.

Men’s Styles

Swiss Legend provides a wide variety of men’s watches. Designed with a certain type of male in mind, there is a watch for every man. Popular choices include the Ambassador, Peninsula, and Planetimer.


The bold and colorful face stands out on this chunky and modern, stainless steel watch. An interchangeable, silicone strap provides a number of style options. Watch features include water resistance up to 100 meters and accurate, quartz movement.


Featuring fashionable straps made from ostrich or alligator hide, buyers choose between a classic and a chronograph face for this Swiss quartz timepiece. A multitude of color options for the strap and face make selection difficult, but adventurous men appreciate water resistance up to 100 meters.


Presenting a trendy alligator or colorful silicone strap, this mechanical watch caters to all modern men. The metallic dial displays a unique scalloped pattern with pie-cutter hands and raised genuine ruby markers. This watch comes in black ion plate, gold plate, and stainless steel, and certain products also offer a winder.

Women’s Styles

The Swiss Legend company also makes a number of trendy products for women. Offering a number of feminine features including diamond studding and colorful bands, these products adorn any woman’s wrist.


Featuring a unique, rectangular face and ceramic bracelet, this hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant watch is exceptionally comfortable. Female buyers choose from black and white bracelets with gold-plated, stainless steel, or diamond inlaid bezels. Mother-of-pearl dials with Art Deco inspired numbers make this watch a favorite among fashion-conscious women.


The Classic provides an elegant, stainless steel bracelet and a number of color choices for the watch face, which is framed by a stainless steel or gold-plated bezel. Featuring Swiss quartz movement and water resistance up to 100 meters, this watch makes an elegant choice for a no-nonsense woman.


The stunning Karamica watch highlights a chunky bracelet in beige, black, or white ceramic with a number of options for the watch face. These include a face with a diamond-studded bezel, one that is entirely covered in diamonds, or a simpler face featuring classic Roman numerals. Scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic, this timekeeper is functional and beautiful.

Watch Sizing

Most standard metal women’s bracelets measure 6.75 to 7 inches, while men’s metal bracelets measure 7.5 to 8 inches. Diver watches are larger because they are designed for wearing atop a wetsuit. Metal bracelets may call for removal of links, which a jeweler can easily handle.

Leather or silicon watch bands with holes and buckles must be long enough to comfortably wrap around the wearer’s wrist and fit through casings and buckles. Available in precut and pre-shaped sizes, watch band length varies between 6 and 9 inches for men and between 5 and 8 inches for women.

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