Top 6 Swiss Watch Styles for Women

Switzerland is famous for its scenic mountain landscapes and its long history of watchmaking. Today, women’s Swiss watches function as accurate personal timepieces, relevant fashion accessories, and luxury status items. Formal watch styles look lovely with either business attire or special occasion formal wear. Casual watch styles are ideal for everyday outings and outdoor events. Switzerland’s top watchmakers make some of these popular watch styles, which place them in the top six.

1 TAG Heuer Formula 1
TAG Heuer Formula 1

The Formula 1 by TAG Heuer is fully contemporary but feels classically beautiful. TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches come in several styles, in either white or black. One style features a small circle and a larger circle on the dial. Another style has two chronographs on the dial for a more complex look.
Special Features
Some Formula 1 watch styles have embedded white diamonds, black diamonds, pink sapphires, or amethysts for extra brilliance. TAG Heuer watches use high-quality Swiss quartz movements. These designer watches for women are also water resistant up to approximately 656 feet.

2 Movado Museum
Movado Museum

Movado first produced the Museum watch in 1947, & its minimalist Swiss design has stood the test of time. Although originally designed as a men’s watch, women now enjoy its timeless beauty. The Movado Museum dial has a single dot on the top to symbolize the number “12.”
Some styles have an outer ring on the dial. The Museum watch comes with black calfskin leather, gray stainless steel, or two-tone stainless steel. Special versions of this watch come with a mother-of-pearl dial and additional diamond markers. The dial face colors are blue, white, and black. Movado uses Swiss quartz movements for accuracy, and the watch is water resistant up to about approximately feet.

3 Chopard Happy Sport
Chopard Happy Sport

Chopard produces three types of Happy Sport watches: Original, Medium, and Chronograph. A Chopard Happy Sport watch always has loose diamonds or stones in the watch’s dial, which adds a glamorous touch. The bold dial face normally features oversized Roman numerals, but some newer Happy Sport models feature a graphic design instead of numerals. The watch is available in many colors, including pink, blue, maroon, gray, black, white, and brown. The band materials can be stainless steel, fabric, 18K rose gold, or rubber.

Chopard Watch Styles

Notable Features

Happy Sport Swiss quartz movement
Happy Sport Medium Self-winding mechanical movement
Happy Sport Chronograph Swiss quartz movement

Chopard uses Swiss quartz movements for the Original and the Chronograph watches. The Medium models use a self-winding mechanical movement. All Happy Sport watches are water resistant up to approximately 98 feet.

4 Rado Centrix

Rado Centrix

Rado first started manufacturing watches in 1957, after years of manufacturing clocks. Now Rado watches come with premium materials and feature an understated, modern design. The Rado Centrix features a classic stainless steel band. The lightweight Centrix comes in several classic colors: white, black, two-tone, and gray. The dial features four diamond markers, each indicating a “3,” “6,” “9,” or “12.”
Additional Features
Some Centrix models also feature a diamond bezel or a mother-of-pearl dial for added flair. Rado manufactures the Centrix watch using a high-quality Swiss quartz movement. The Rado Centrix is also water resistant for up to about 98 feet.

5 Longines DolceVita

Longines DolceVita

Although not as historic as other Swiss watches, the Longines DolceVita watch dates from 1997. The DolceVita is well known for its iconic rectangle-shaped case and revolutionary design. This watchband is available in stainless steel, yellow gold, black alligator leather, and a rose-gold/steel combo. The white face can have Roman numerals, number markers, diamond markers, or Arabic numerals. Some DolceVita styles also feature cases topped with diamonds for more glitz. Longines uses Swiss quartz for all its DolceVita watches, and the watches are water resistant up to approximately 98 feet.

6 Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick

Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick

Although known primarily for utility knives, Swiss Army also makes stellar watches for women. The famous Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick style is sporty and bold. The stainless style watch comes in gold, gold-gray, and gray colors. Alternatively, the women’s Maverick watch comes with a rubber watchband in shades of blue, brown, and white. Victorinox Swiss Army uses Swiss quartz for this watch. The Maverick is water resistant up to about 328 feet.

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