Why Designer Wristwatches are Worth It

Designer wristwatches can command impressive prices, costing well into the tens of thousands of dollars. Even low-end designer watches can cost over a hundred dollars, a price that many shoppers may feel is prohibitive. However, this added cost often directly correlates to added value. While not everyone will want to spend the money on a designer watch, those who are put off by the cost should understand why that cost is so high.

They Are Often Made from Precious Materials

One of the main reasons that designer wristwatches are more expensive than generic brands is the quality of the materials. Many designer wristwatches have gold or silver casings, bands, and features. It is also quite common for designer watches to incorporate diamonds or other gemstones as a design feature. Precious metals are not only inherently more valuable than other metals, but they are also usually gentler on skin, which makes them a better option for those with metal allergies. Gold and gold alloys will also resist tarnishing, which makes them easier to care for as they do not require regular polishing to keep a shine. And watches made from a solid precious metal as opposed to a gold plate will stay in good condition for generations. Gold plate and gold-filled watches will eventually wear out as the layer of gold deteriorates. Similarly, precious metals and gemstones will always have an inherent value, which means that the designer watch will always keep some of its value. While designer watches with these precious materials do cost more, the value of the materials is a large part of this cost and will always be worth it.

The Designer Name Holds Value

Just as high-quality materials will correspond to a higher value of a watch, the designer or brand name will also help a watch keep its value over the years. This can be in part to the materials used, but it also has to do with a designer’s reputation and perceived value. Watches made by famous designers or brands generally remain popular for years, and a person wanting to resell a designer watch will find that they will get a higher price for their watch. Even if a person plans on keeping their designer watch for years, they can be secure in knowing that the name brand will keep the watch’s value for a long time.

They Incorporate New Technologies

High-end designers tend to use high-end technologies in their watches. In fact, many of these technological additions will cost extra whether or not a watch is a designer brand. For example, self-winding watches will constantly wind themselves from the wearer’s movements. This eliminates the need for batteries or for the user to wind the watch themselves. But this feature requires precise mechanics and extra work. Instead of attempting to find a generic self-winding watch, shoppers will find that most designer watches automatically include this feature. A large amount of a designer watch’s extra cost will be saved simply because the wearer often never has to buy batteries again.

They Are Built to Last

Designer watches aren’t just built with expensive materials; they are also built with fine craftsmanship. Designer brands use cutting-edge techniques to create watches that are more precise and more durable than a generic watch. Designers and brands are expensive because the items are not mass-produced. They are intended to last for years while other, cheaper watches are often intended to last only as long as a particular trend. A designer watch usually has a timeless style as well as durable parts.

They Are Often More Visually Pleasing

Many fashion or jewelry designers who design high-end wristwatches are professionally trained. These people go to design school for years, and they also spend a lot of time in training and learning about fashion and style. Furthermore, some designer brands have developed their own aesthetic and style. While generic brands of watches strive to create nice styles of watches, high-end designers can spend years perfecting a design. Even though some designers incorporate current trends into their watch designs, they also focus on making a watch’s design timeless and wearable. Design houses spend a lot of money combining technology and comfort with style, and it often shows in the watches that they produce.

They Often Come with Guarantees

Most manufacturers will stand behind their work and accept returns of defective or broken items. But designers and high-end wristwatch manufacturers often offer buyers a free warranty or product registration much like those that come with appliances or expensive electronics. These guarantees protect a buyer from any unexpected problems with the watch, and it also keeps them informed. If a cheaper watch breaks, the consumer is often responsible for paying for repair costs. However, many designer watches will cover the repair costs of certain damages or product faults. In fact, many designer watch manufacturers have their own repair centers or have specialty training for jewelry repair shops. This ensures that a person with a designer watch will always be able to find top-of-the-line care and service whether their watch needs repairs or simply needs to be tuned up.

Designer Watches Often Have More Features and Choices

Part of the high quality with designer watches is a wider range of available features. Designer watches more commonly have self-winding technology, but they also have many ways of keeping track of the day, date, month, and year. Some features, like whether a watch is waterproof to greater depths, are generally only available on high-end designer wristwatches. Also, generic wristwatches are usually only sold as-is in stores and online. A buyer looking for a designer wristwatch often has numerous choices as to which colors, materials, and features they wish to include in their watch. Looking for a designer wristwatch offers many buyers the chance to find or build a custom watch that fits their every need or want. Because of this, designer watches also make great gifts because they can be customized for the gift recipient.


Although designer wristwatches can be significantly more expensive than their generic counterparts, they more than make up for the price in terms of needing fewer repairs and lasting longer. Designer watches also have a greater inherent value from high-quality materials and better craftsmanship. If a person is hesitant about the high price tag of a designer watch, they should simply remember that a good-quality watch is not just an item that tells the time; it is also an investment.

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